Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How does Flippedit work? is an international e-commerce website created by buyers for sellers. Flippedit is a platform for our sellers to sell directly to our dedicated in-house bulk-buyers — those who collect certain commodities in a bulk quantity for their business. Our platform connects sellers with bulk-buyers in a fully automated manner, ensuring a stress-free, minimum effort selling process with zero fees.
Our vision is to give an equal opportunity for all of our sellers to be successful entrepreneurs in the world. We believe that our platform allows our sellers to create their own entrepreneurial businesses, giving them the confidence to conquer their future goals.
Our values at Flippedit are security, trust, entrepreneurship, customer success, equality, cultivating greatness, and inspiring the next generation.
Rewarding dedicated customer service, Flippedit offers a one-of-a-kind selling experience for our sellers. Flippedit remedies a universal sense of frustration amongst sellers when listing their items on certain marketplaces as companies pocket a percentage of the sale while sellers still have to wait for their item to sell. With Flippedit, sellers instantly sell their items with full trust, security, and zero fees, and are paid the same day that our warehouse team receives your package. FlippedIt additionally caters to bulk-buyers, unlike other global marketplaces.


Do I need any approval to sell?

As long as the product is legitimate according to our team, you do not need any approval to sell. Simply sign up with your email and start flipping your items!
Flippedit prides itself on making sure that sellers have zero fees. Sellers do not have to pay for shipping or any commission to us.
No, you do not have to wait for an item to sell. If a buyer is currently buying a specific item you are selling, you can instantly sell your items and skip to shipping.


How do I get paid? Do I need to do anything?

Payment is initiated after your package is inspected at our warehouse. Once inspected, your payment is instantly sent. You should expect to receive the payment in your bank account one business day after the payment is sent.
Flippedit maintains a strict policy of only accepting brand new and unused items. We also do not accept items with damaged boxes. We will ship items back and charge sellers if they ship used or damaged items.
You will receive an email confirmation once a payment is initiated.


Is shipping free?

Shipping is 100% free. We offer free UPS ground shipping. has multiple hubs across the USA, meaning that it should take a maximum of four business days to reach us.
Yes, you can drop off your items at one of our hubs. When creating a shipment, you’ll have the ability to select one of the various drop-off locations we have. After creating a drop-off, make sure to bring the packing slip, and we will pay you out on the spot once dropped off.
You have three business days to ship your items. After three business days, your order will be voided, and you will not be able to ship.